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Future Ready FAQ

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Future Ready District Pledge
White House “ConnectED to the Future” Convening Questions
FAQs for White House Convening Attendees

Future Ready District Pledge Questions

  1. What is the Future Ready District Pledge?

    The Future Ready District Pledge is a commitment by superintendents to work with educators, families, and community members to help achieve a district of Future Ready schools. The Future Ready District Pledge is designed to set out a roadmap to achieve successful personalized digital learning for every student and to commit districts to move as quickly as possible towards our shared vision of preparing students for success in college, careers and citizenship.

  2. What are Future Ready Schools?

    Future Ready schools successfully incorporate the infrastructure, devices, professional development, content and human capacity necessary to successfully implement the ConnectED Initiative and have become local exemplars of an effective transition to digital learning.

  3. What do superintendents receive for taking the Future Ready District Pledge?

    Superintendents will be invited to attend regional summits where best practices around digital learning leadership will be shared. Regional Summit attendees may also have access to consulting services from leading information technology providers.

  4. Why should a superintendent take the Future Ready District Pledge?

    In addition to participation in the Regional Summits and consulting services, all pledging superintendents become part of an online community of Future Ready district leaders.

  5. When does a superintendent take the pledge?

    Superintendents can take the pledge via the Future Ready District Pledge page today! In addition, 100 select superintendents will take the pledge in-person during the White House “ConnectED to the Future” Convening. Superintendents nationwide will be able to view a livestream of the ceremony in their home district and virtually join the 100 superintendents in signing the Pledge.

  6. I’m not a superintendent. How can I help to ensure my schools are Future Ready?

    Please share the Future Ready District Pledge with your superintendent. Click here to share the Future Ready District Pledge.

  7. What Future Ready resources are currently available?

    The Office of Educational Technology’s website includes resources for Students and Families, Teachers, and District and State Leaders. In addition, several detailed guides will be released in conjunction with the Superintendent Summit.

  8. Who should we contact with more questions?

    For more information, please contact Seth Andrew, Superintendent in Residence, at superintendents [at]

White House “ConnectED to the Future” Convening

  1. What is the White House “ConnectED to the Future Convening?

    The Convening, hosted by the White House and the US Department of Education, will be the largest gathering of district leaders committed to technological integration and represents the most extensive federal-district dialogue regarding digital strategies to date. Superintendents attending the event have been selected for the exceptional progress already being made in their districts and have committed to mentor neighboring districts in best practices in order to maximize impact. The Convening supports the work of the ConnectED Initiative, an effort to bring high speed internet to 99% of American students within five years by focusing on the human capital that will need to be trained to implement these new broadband resources.

  2. When and where will the Convening take place?

    The Convening will take place November 19 at the White House.

  3. I wasn’t invited to attend the Convening at the White House, but want to participate in some fashion. How can get involved?

    On the day of the event, virtual opportunities will exist on,, and Twitter. Additionally, after the Convening, a series of Future Ready Regional Summits will take place across the country. By signing the Future Ready Pledge district leadership teams will be invited to attend these regional summits to receive initial mentorship and hands-on technical assistance to help build their Future Ready school plans.

  4. Who should we contact with more questions?

    For more information, please contact Seth Andrew, Superintendent in Residence in the Office of Educational Technology at the Department of Education –

  5. How were the White House Convening participants selected?

    A technical working group of Superintendents met in May to provide input on the pledge criteria and the review process. More than 800 nominees were then submitted from districts around the nation to participate. Reviewers from the Office of Educational Technology screened and scored nominations using a rubric aligned to each pillar of the Future Ready Pledge. 150 superintendents were invited to participate in the White House Convening on November 19.

  6. Are all regions/states represented?

    Districts were scored independently by multiple reviewers and generally represent the breadth and diversity of America. Participants will come from more than 30 states, rural, urban, and suburban districts with a representative split of districts with Title I eligibility and those that serve more affluent students.

  7. Are there non-government partners for the White House summit?

    No. This is a White House event in partnership with ED. The Regional Summits will be coordinated by the Alliance for Excellent Education, a non-profit organization that is working to coordinate other partner organizations around the nation.

  8. Who has signed the Future Ready District Pledge?

    The long list of pledge signatories will be unveiled at the White House “ConnectED to the Future” Convening. We will continue to solicit additional district signatories until that date. Please feel free to share the site with your colleagues at

  9. Why was the Convening date moved from October to November?

    The date of the Summit was moved from October to November in order to accommodate the schedules of senior administration officials.

  10. What will the follow-up obligations be after the Convening?

    The White House “ConnectED to the Future” Convening is intended to be the beginning of the conversation, not the end. In addition to the Future Ready Regional Summits around the nation, participating district leaders have pledged to help mentor other districts and share their best practices through their own district sites such as We also expect a number of digital resources and professional learning communities to emerge from the Convening for district leaders to share and learn from one another.

FAQs for Attendees Only

  1. Will I be reimbursed for my transportation and participation at the Convening?

    Unfortunately, we are unable to cover any transportation or lodging for this event. However, many districts may choose to use Title IIA professional development funding to cover the cost of the trip, as the Convening will be a quality learning opportunity for superintendents in attendance.

  2. Is the agenda for the Summit available?

    An agenda with panelists and speakers will be sent to attendees approximately two weeks prior to the event. The agenda will be posted publicly on the day of the event.

  3. If I was invited and cannot attend, can I send a colleague to represent our district on my behalf?

    Unfortunately, due to limited space and a competitive application, if you cannot personally attend we will invite a district leader from our extensive waitlist of nominees. Surrogates or delegates are not able to attend at this time as space is extremely tight and the focus is exclusively on district leaders. If you were invited but cannot attend, it is important that you email as soon as possible to allow others to attend. Please be courteous to your fellow district leaders and let us know if you will be unable to join us.

  4. Will there be food and beverages at the event?

    Coffee and lunch will be available to participating Superintendents. Vegetarian options will be available.

  5. Are there any special rates at local hotels?

    There are no longer any rooms available in the two hotel blocks. Please make your own accommodations.

  6. What information will I need to provide security to access the event?

    Additional details, including information required to access the event, will be provided directly to all invited superintendents.

  7. What is the dress code for the Summit?

    The dress code for this event is business formal or professional.

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