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Research and Innovation

Education in the United States is entering a very exciting moment. For the first time, all of the digital stars are aligning in such a way that the technology is available to design truly transformational learning experiences. The Office of Education Technology strives to be on the nexus of transformative research and the curators innovative events to serve as an impactful resource to the evolving American education system.


Featured Initiative

The Rapid-Cycle Technology Evaluation (RCTE)

The Rapid-Cycle Technology Evaluation (RCTE) project will develop approaches for evaluating educational apps to help schools and parents make evidence-based decisions when choosing which apps to use with their students. This project will establish a standard for low-cost, quick turnaround evaluations of apps, and field test rapid-cycle evaluations to understand how to improve outcomes of ESEA programs. In addition to generating evidence on specific apps, the project will help develop protocol tools for conducting rapid cycle evaluations of apps that practitioners, developers, and researchers can use beyond the scope of this evaluation. Learn more


Featured Publication

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Evidence Framework

Our Expanding Evidence report calls for smart change by presenting educators, policymakers, and funders with an expanded view of evidence approaches and sources of data that can help them with decision-making about learning resources in a fast-changing, technology-powered world.

Featured Initiative

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Education Innovation Clusters

Our Education Innovation Clusters work encourages partnerships between researchers, entrepreneurs and schools for developing new technologies. Learn more

Featured Initiative

Education Datapalooza

The Education Datapalooza is an opportunity for developers, researchers, and entrepreneurs to come together to create new educational tools based on open data.

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